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"Flexible Inventory and Listings Manager"

Dot . asp Programming 


     Getting your inventory on the internet is as easy as filling in the blanks. All you need is a photo, description, and a few minutes to enter each product and you'll have a powerful, organized, searchable web site to drive your business online.

      Are you a Real Estate Agent? a store owner? an artist? Do you collect Frisbees ??  Real Estate Listing System is ideal for small Real Estate brokerages and agents. Add it to your web site to produce your own searchable online listings manager. Our customers use  Real Estate Listing System for individual brokerages or agents, FSBO, and Real Estate portals

      Auto Gallery is ideal for automotive organizations. Our customers use it for car and truck dealerships, boats and marine vehicle dealerships, rental fleets, motorcycles sales, collector's clubs, and heavy equipment. Put your web site miles ahead of your competitors!

      Use our program for just about anything, inventory of products, pictures of your equipment etc.  







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